The secret to unlocking the mysteries of magical Istanbul begin at the table, as well as in the back streets, bakeries and kitchens of the city that never stops eating. It is Istanbul where you haggle over spices sold by the kilo, walk the path of the oldest bazaar in the world where merchants still bring their wares from the corners of the earth, and can fill your stomach with fresh, indigenous ingredients that have survived the test of time. It is a place that housed sultans and their empire, a city that constantly pulses with movement and commerce and where you get a delicious bowel of lentil soup in the wee hours of the morning.  Come sample dishes that have stood the test of time, with the same recipes, precision and technique used from thousands of years ago. Read more about the basics of Turkish cuisine, or simply try it yourself at Harem Istanbul Cafe & Restaurant. We will have a seat waiting just for you.

Kebap at night_edited-1

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